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What We Do

We unlock the emotional barriers that restrict the enjoyment of money.

As down‐to‐earth people living in the real world, we believe there is great uncertainly in the equity markets and in the world economy. With increasing life expectancy, people need to plan for three to four decades of retirement, possibly more. Throw in the likelihood of inflation, and it's easy to see the risk of outliving your money someday.

This is why we believe special strategies, what we like to think of as "airbags & seat belts", are often needed, and that conventional financial thinking usually doesn't stress these real world problems enough.

Our objective is to create plans that will work under as many conditions as possible, NOT just if everything goes perfectly!

Where are you right now?

Whether you're at the start of your earning years or in the middle, nearing retirement or even IN retirement, we can help you to design an intelligent plan that matches your needs, goals, wants, and risk tolerance.

Plus, if you're like many of our clients, you may already deal with multiple people for different parts of your financial life ... accountants, bankers, mortgage officers, P&C agents, 401(k) reps, attorneys, life insurance agents.

As micro managers, these people tend to be specialists in their own field.

Yet, because most don't interact with or even know about each other, what's often missing is someone to play the role of macro manager -- to help to tie all the pieces & people together. That is our goal here at Coleman/Quiner. With access to a wide range of financial products and services, we want to address as much of your financial life as you would like us to.